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REDCAT, Los Angeles

Antimatter, Victoria, B.C.

Outsider Arts Festival, Austin

Structuring Strategies, CalArts

Proteus Gowanus, Brooklyn (as work in progress)

Feral Studio, Joshua Tree (as work in progress)


experimental | 16mm finished to hd | 2014​

Kinesthesia Series is a fetish exercise in visual motion, repetition and the wily experience of time and memory. Made for abstract rhythmic and existential pleasure, it consists of short interludes between 30 seconds and 3 minutes long that are shot on 16mm, tightly edited, sound designed and finished digitally. The result is a hypnotic fluctuation between abstraction and documentation.

“A powerful departure for Abigail Severance, Kinesthesia Series is a play of 

semi-abstracted movement and light that is reminiscent of films by Baillie, Menken and Brakhage, but achieved here through a subtle blending of film and digital with the filmmaker’s strong feel for rhythm and a play of forms.” 

-- Steve Anker, RedCat


cinematography/edit/sound design > Abigail Severance
sound mix > Craig Smith

thanks > Steak House, Bill Basquin, Melinda Stone

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