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experimental fiction | 8 min | 2012 | color, HD & Super16mm

Jenny is dressed in feathers and on the run. In her wake, seven people try to craft a portrait of a mysterious being, but instead recount a story of loss and longing. Jenny is everyone and no one all at once.

Jenny Mi Amor is an improvised narrative portrait. In a sense, it is only semi-fictional. The seven testaments about Jenny were developed collaboratively with the actors, most of whom are filmmakers, dancers, artists or musicians. Often using their own stories as our point of entry, we crafted a portrait less of Jenny and more of the loss, frustration and fantasy they experienced at her imagined departure. To amplify the experiment with open versus closed narratives, the interviews were shot on HD while Jenny’s preparations for flight are super-16mm. The two narratives separate and Jenny’s story carries a fragile, archived quality.

cast > Jen DM, Heather Acs, Kate Gilbert, Guillaume Legrand,
Sharon Greene,

Silas Howard, Carlos Marques Marcet, Aaron Murtagh

writer/director > Abigail Severance

director of photography > Julie Kirkwood

editors > Karen Smalley + Abigail Severance

sound design > Kadet Kuhne

sound mix > Craig Smith

music > Evangelista / Carla Bozulich

add’l dialogue > Sharon Greene, Carlos Marques Marcet

add’l photography > Norbert Shieh

assistant camera > Britt Ringer, Rachel James

gaffer > Christian Bruno

sound rec > Andrew Ahn, Mariah Garnett, Logan Kibens, Visperd Madad-Doust

costume > Charlotte Woods

set dresser > Roxy Campos

production assistant > Fabian Munz

post production > Ki Jin Kim & J.R. Hughto​


Antimatter, Vancouver

Curta Cinema, Rio de Janeiro

Mezipatra, Czech Republic

Outfest, Los Angeles

Frameline, San Francisco

Image + Nation, Montreal

Austin LBGT Film Festival

Melbourne Queer Film Festival

Houston Queer Fest

Tampa LBGT Film Festival

Boston LBGT Film Festival

Czech Television, Mezipatra program

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