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installation | 12 min | 2010 | digital video

Three intimate experiments investigating an art-making process through a dialogue of movement between the body and the frame, with durational artist Julie Tolentino.


In 2014, Evidence, the first section of Eye Witness, was commissioned for Visual AIDS Alternate Endings: A Day Without Art 25th Anniversary. This short program screened at over 50 international galleries and museums, including MOCA LA, Studio Museum of Harlem and New Museum, NY. [ART FORUM feature here.]

As a filmmaker (Severance) and a durational artist (Tolentino) in conversation, we are curious about the  affinities and contrasts in our language and its products. While both body and camera can articulate themselves as material evidence or fabricated stories, the camera’s frame often implies fiction, and the immediacy of the body tends to convey authenticity. In our three micro-experiments – i: incarnate witness, ii: material and iii: evidence – we use rehearsal, live performance and improvisation to investigate this slippery exchange between the choices of the frame and the phenomenology of movement. In the process, our language subsides and the frame both anticipates and dreads the arrival of the body.

concept and direction > Abigail Severance + Julie Tolentino
movement design > Julie Tolentino
cinematography and editing > Abigail Severance
music > Julie Fowells/F100, Carter Tutti, Velma, Christian Blumberg
props > Stosh Fila
sound design and mix > Kadet Kuhne
post-production > J.R. Hughto, Ki Jin Kim
funding and support > CalArts, Steakhaus Productions, Studio 528

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SCREENINGS  [selected]

MOCA, Los Angeles

Studio Museum in Harlem

New Museum, New York

Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Texas

Sullivan Galleries at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas

The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh

SVA Theatre, New York

Bard College Center for Curatorial Studies

V-tape, Toronto

Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, Virginia Beach, Virginia

New School, New York

Queens Museum, New York

Brooklyn Museum, New York

University of Colorado Art Museum, Boulder

The Nightingale, Chicago

Fort Worth Contemporary Arts, Fort Worth, Texas

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, Texas

Space Debris Art, Istanbul, Turkey

Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design

Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, Tennessee

ARTSPACE, Peterborough, Ontario

Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, Oregon

St. Louis Contemporary Art Museum, Missouri

Transformer, Washington, DC

performance s p a c e, London
Phyllis Stein Art, Los Angeles

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