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We The Devoted



fiction | est 10 min | 4k widescreen color | in post

A weary crew of laborers inspects an endless border wall, a job they do each and every day. But this is unlike other days. There is a break in the wall.

Practice & Research Grant, CalArts 2018

developed collaboratively with the ensemble


ensemble > Abriel Gordon, Lucy Kerr, Dahlia Nayar, Nicolás Savignano, Henita Telo, Melu Waingarten, James Vitz-Wong, Ellody Wu

creator/director/editor > Abigail Severance
producer > Jackii Chun

research fellow + co-producer > Lucy Kerr
cinematography > Ryan Daniel Browne [more ryan]
production design > Tim Nicholas

costumes > Mavra Peponis

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