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narrative | 17 min | 2003 | 16mm

A boy gets caught in his own desire when he stalks a worn-out cowboy with a reverence for ladies' shoes. With a taut score and mounting tension, Come Nightfall hovers in the liminal space between longing and impulse.​


Sundance Film Festival

UCLA Spotlight Award for Directing

"An artfully rendered act of transgression." Chuck Wilson, L.A. WEEKLY

"If Abigail Severance can sustain for an hour the kind of tension she creates here, she has at least one really subtle, really good horror film in her." Ron Stringer, L.A. WEEKLY


boy > Will Collyer
man > Slim Fuller
writer/director/editor > Abigail Severance
producer > Kendall Doty
cinematography > Julie Kirkwood
production design > Aubin Crowell
original music > Ronit Kirchman
funding/support > Panavision, Eastman Kodak, Wasserman Fellowship

Sundance Film Festival
Los Angeles Film Festival
Ann Arbor Film Festival
Spotlight Directing Award, UCLA, Directors Guild of America
Women in the Director’s Chair, Chicago
American Cinematheque, Los Angeles
Frameline / San Francisco Int’l Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
Palm Springs International Shorts Festival
Philadelphia Film Festival
London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
New Festival, New York
Outfest, Los Angeles
Image & Nation, Montreal
Chicago International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
Austin Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
Mix Experimental Festival, New York & Sao Paolo

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