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essay-documentary | est 90 min | color, HD & 16mm​ | in post production

A personal geography of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia that journeys through

Acadian history and into nationalism, nostalgia and their echoes in the modern

body politic. 

Creative Capital finalist 2014 | On Our Radar

Practice & Research Grant, CalArts 2015

Faculty Development Grant, CalArts 2015

​An essay film about migration, nostalgia and running from the law in Nova Scotia, Acadia investigates the parallel histories of Acadian subculture and my own family. In a pilgrimage to the island 30 years after leaving, I find traces of Acadia both real and imagined, a local outlaw and epic failures of memory. The film is an attempt to map archival, personal, historical and fictional renderings of a place built on longing. Like many homelands, Cape Breton gets re-invented in its memorializing.

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